Warner River Nomination

Nomination Committee Progress (Please scroll down for NH House updates!)
In the fall of 2013, the Warner Conservation Commission (WCC) approached Central New Hampshire Regional Planning Commission (CNHRPC) for assistance in an effort to nominate the Warner River to NH’s RMPP. CNHRPC reached out to each of the watershed communities to get a positive nod from all the select board’s to allow a diverse, multi-town group to explore and pursue the RMPP program. In the fall of 2015, a seed grant from the New England Grassroots Foundation enabled the nomination committee to form and receive assistance from CNHRPC to compile the documentation required for the nomination.

With a working draft of the Warner River Nomination and River Corridor Map completed, the nomination group held a first public information session in Warner on April 20th, 2016. Landowners abutting the river and interested members of the communities provided valuable feedback, and modifications made to the River Nomination and Designated River Corridor Map to accommodate these expressed concerns.


A watershed perspective map of the proposed Designated Corridor and Conservation Lands.

Map 1F. Proposed River Classifications

This map shows a closeup of the proposed Designated Corridor and Classifications.

Late summer/fall of 2016, the group made presentations within each of the watershed towns to educate citizens about the special qualities of the Warner River, answer questions about the nomination process and listen to feedback. We hope everyone understands why we believe the Warner River and its watershed communities will benefit from achieving designation within NH’s RMPP.

We extend special thanks to the New England Grass Roots Fund for providing initial funding for this effort and Central New Hampshire Regional Planning Commission for their generous, enduring commitment to see this project through.

Learn why the Warner River and its watershed are so unique! For your convenience, we have provided links to the official nomination documents below, however for the official up-to-date documents submitted and other information, please see the NHDES official Warner River Nomination webpage and the RMAC blog.

•  On September 25th, 2017, the Warner River Nomination was submitted by the NHDES Commissioner to the General Court. Read NHDES Commissioner Scott’s Warner River Nomination Summary and letters to the General Court here.

•  On January 15th, the Senate’s Energy and Natural Resources Committee held a public hearing and then unanimously recommended SB445: Designating the Warner River ‘Ought to Pass’. Utilize these links to read the Senate Committee’s Summary of the Testimony given at the hearing and Testimony submitted. An audio file of the hearing is located here.

•  On February 2nd, SB445 was unanimously passed by the full NH Senate.

•  At 1:30pm on Tuesday, April 3rd a public hearing will be held for SB445 by the House Resources, Recreation & Development Committee in Room 105-107. The following updated information is a supplement for the House Committee (includes the letters of support and testimony provided since the Nomination was submitted as well as the Power Point given at public outreach to all five towns and a comparison of each town’s regulations):

1. Summary of Support for SB445_20180330
2. NHDES Commissioner Scott’s Warner River Nomination Summary and letters;
3. Warner River Public Hearing Testimony Summary 2017.07.11;
4. Senate Energy & Natural Resources Committee’s Summary of the Testimony given;
5. Written Testimony submitted at the Senate ENR Committee hearing;
6. Town-by-Town Presentations:
Power Point Presentation (same for all sessions Nov-Dec 2016)
Comparison of Regulations – Bradford Handout
Comparison of Regulations – Hopkinton Handout
Comparison of Regulations – Sutton Handout
Comparison of Regulations – Warner Handout
Comparison of Regulations – Webster Handout

The Warner River Nomination
Warner River Nomination FINAL_(revised 7/10/2017)

Appendix A: Maps Set
Appendix B: Letters of Support (full zip file)
Itemized List

Watershed Towns and Organizations:
Bradford Board of Selectmen
Bradford Conservation Commission
Hopkinton Board of Selectmen
Hopkinton Conservation Commission
Hopkinton Planning Board
Lake Massasecum Improvement Association
Sutton Board of Selectmen
Sutton Conservation Commission
Warner Board of Selectmen
Warner Conservation Commission
Warner Historical Society
Warner Planning Board
Warner Village Water District
Webster Board of Selectmen
Webster Conservation Commission
Webster Conservation Commission Addendum
Webster Planning Board

Several Private Landowners along the Warner River (see full zip file above)

Other Organizations:
American Whitewater
Basil W. Woods, Jr. Chapter Trout Unlimited
Contoocook North Branch Local Advisory Committee
Long Tom Watershed Council (Tom Begley)
The Nature Conservancy(NH Heritage Bureau Map of the S3 Floodplains for clarity)
The New England Grass Roots Environmental Fund
New Hampshire Fish & Game Department
New Hampshire Rivers Council
New Hampshire Council Trout Unlimited
Upper Merrimack River Local Advisory Committee

Letters of Support may still be written and included with this Nomination.
Please send your letter to:
Tracie Sales, River’s Coordinator
Rivers Management & Protection Program
NH Department of Environmental Services
29 Hazen Drive
Concord, NH 03301, or send by email to:

Appendix C. Documentation of Riparian Landowner
Appendix D. Public Notice of Information Sessions
Appendix E. Press Release
Appendix F. 2008-2013 Warner River Summary
Appendix F1. Appendix III Species Profiles
Appendix G. Public Information Session PP Warner
Appendix G1. Comparative Analyses – SWQPA_ZO
Appendix H. Catalogue of Concern
Appendix I._The Status of Stream Crossing Assessments in the Warner River Watershed


Other Information

Here is  The WRNC Warner River Nomination Fact Sheet

Town-by-Town Information Sessions:
Warner Session – Wednesday, Nov. 16 at 7 pm, Warner Town Hall
Bradford Session – Thursday, Nov. 17 at 7 pm, Bradford Community Center
Sutton Session – Monday, Nov. 21  at 7 pm, Sutton Town Hall
Webster Session – Tuesday, Nov. 29  at 7 pm, Webster Town Hall
Hopkinton Session – Monday, Dec. 19  at  7 pm, Hopkinton Town Hall
Power Point Presentation (same for all sessions Nov-Dec 2016)
Comparison of Regulations – Bradford Handout
Comparison of Regulations – Hopkinton Handout
Comparison of Regulations – Sutton Handout
Comparison of Regulations – Warner Handout
Comparison of Regulations – Webster Handout

Public Outreach Slideshow (Town of Warner, April 20, 2016):
Part I: Warner River History & Mills (Rebecca Courser)
Part II: Fish & Wildlife (Ben Nugent)
Part III: Reneable Energy (Sue Hemingway)
How a group in Settle, North Yorkshire, set up a hydro-electric project.
(Sue wanted to show the above video during this meeting, but we did not have the technological resources to do this. We include a link to the video here for this reason, even though it was not shown at the public meeting.)
Part IV: Climate Change (Chris Connors)

Warner River Watershed Water Quality Links
New Hampshire Volunteer River Assessment Program
2007 Warner River Water Quality Report
NHDES Watershed Report Cards
NHGS Stream & Groundwater Data
EPA Surf Your Watershed

The Warner River Watershed Conservation Project Reports & Links
Notes from Fish Community Assessments and a Plan to Protect Wild Brook Trout Populations and their Habitats within the Warner River Watershed

Warner River Watershed Conservation Project Blog
2017 Watershed Flood Resiliency Workshop Reports (also see Appendix I above)
NH F&G Project Website
May/June Wildlife Journal Article Conserving the Warner River Watershed
NH’s Wildlife Action Plan

Hazard Mitigation Plans for each watershed town chronicle the increase in past flood events and well as other potential hazards for each community and the Warner River. These documents can be viewed at each town’s town hall.

Other Statewide Water Quality Programs & Resources
NH Dept of Environmental Services
Merrimack Co. Conservation District
NH Rivers Council
NH Lakes Association
NH Soak Up the Rain
UNH Stormwater Center